Jul. 12th, 2008

So far, the low point of today has been getting feces sprayed on me. I think it's reasonable to hope that this will remain the low point.

I'm about 75% moved in to the new house. My moving help, my dear friend Ume, got caught between a rock and a hard place (I was the rock) and had to leave before we were done. We plan to finish tomorrow.

So far, the only part that hasn't gone so well is that the drainage hookup for the washing machine doesn't exactly work as expected (please see above). So I have two options - 1) the usual "MAKE IT WORK GOD DAMMIT" which would involve moving the laundry area across the basement, including splicing a new line into the toilet's sewage line (ugh, more feces) and new supply lines (ugh, working with ancient galvanized plumbing), or 2) pay a proper plumber to fix the drainage line as it is (I tried doing that myself, it is too mysterious and buried under feet of concrete). I am convinced that #2 is the proper solution, but I won't have the $$$ for that if I follow the original plan of getting central air (which would leave me at precisely broke). So, no central air I guess. Boo hoo!


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