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The solution: Blow Up Mecca

These bastards are all about "don't give aid and comfort to the turrists". But, these turrists aren't pussies. I'm sure it's much, much more counterproductive to give them rage and fear.

Really, the pissing contests have to stop.
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Ok, so. Everybody is all "yay, a crack in the façade!" - I, however, still am not counting my eggs. If I had to bet one way or the other, I'd bet that Rove has a pretty big ace up his sleeve. Consider this -

1) Rove gave Cooper the ok to name him, even though Cooper was fully prepared to keep his mouth shut and go to jail. Why would Rove have done this if he didn't know he could beat it?

2) The mainstream media is all over this. If this were a real Bush Administration scandal, they'd be ignoring it, wouldn't they?

I'd love to be convinced that I'm wrong.
DR always picks up the best stuff.

Brit Hume's reaction to the London bombings

"Oh, the investment opportunities!"

What a fucking animal. So characteristic of the neocons. And their propaganda organ, Fox News.


Jul. 8th, 2005 10:28 pm
The devil is in the details.

City council bars residents from mentioning Wal-Mart
Al Queda now essentially headquartered in Iraq

So...we really are fighting turrism!!!!!11
This is precious -

EPA Proposal Would Allow Human Tests Of Pesticides

"President Bill Clinton issued a moratorium on using such tests in 1998, but the Bush administration has revived the practice on a case-by-case basis while crafting the new standards."

"Under the draft rule, the EPA could still accept some studies involving children, pregnant women and newborns, and it would not establish an independent ethics review board to scrutinize human studies on the grounds that this would 'unnecessarily confine EPA's discretion.' The agency would allow testing pesticides on humans to determine at what level they become toxic. This could include tests on prisoners even though they might be 'vulnerable to coercion or undue influence,' the draft rule states."

Nice. Prisoners and babies. I know that the Bush administration loves chemical companies, but if the administration lets them kill us, they're not going to have any customers anymore! The Bushies aren't showing very much foresight in protecting their constiutency here. Their constituency, of course, being large corporations.


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