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human and alive

isn't it nice of the drugstore to keep me alive.

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Name:Robert I Murillo
Birthdate:Jul 22
Location:Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States of America

Setting People On Fire Forever Is Love
So quit your bellyaching or God will really give you something to cry about, you fucking baby.
(kthx to 33mhz)

It's so gentle; like slipping into a warm bath.


Garmonbozia. This is a formica table.


"It looks like it's haulin' ass around the backyard! Even though it's standing still! Still waters run deep."

. . .


"Remarkably resilient to several different types of poison; places (his?) pubic hairs in public places; constantly makes the joke that he's 'trisexual' because he'll 'try' anything... even in front of his boyfriend's family... especially in front of his boyfriend's family; doesn't think that NAMBLA is 'all that bad, if you think about it.'" -- sdf

"chucknoblet is the kind of guy who will invite himself into your house, have sex with you, put his cigarettes out on your rug, steal all the money in your wallet, and make himself a ham sandwich on his way out, without closing the refrigerator door. And you'll thank him for it." -- die7fox

"Consistently and reliably horrifying." -- sourdick

"Too smart to be Mexican" -- Nick B.

"I wish I had more time to tell you how great this man is, but let me just say this: He's never once helped me move, but I've consistently been there to help him with even the most major demolition." -- brendand

"If you piss him off, his eyes glow red and laser beams will come out of his eyes. Then he'll shoot you." -- lingostarr

"I can't help but recall the time that chucknoblet and I were doing missionary work on the coastal beaches of Botswana. He got into some special mushrooms one night that had been prepared for medicinal purposes by the native O'jinkeezskuub tribal chief. All of us came out of our huts at the sounds of crashing pots and pans to see him breakdancing, singing most of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' album at the top of his lungs, wearing the chieftain's daughter's coconut brazier on his head, twirling about and declaring that he was, in fact, Jesus Christ. That was the best Girl Scout field trip we ever took, furrealz." -- roadster_guy

"He's called 'Bob''cause that's what his balls do when he walks, and sometimes they shoot straight out his pants and hit you in the eye with such force he leave hair stains." -- dom_ino

"Bob is the man I call 'Linux-sensei'" -- peccavo

"I'm sure we've all heard the same story from Bob: 'What? You caught antibiotic-resistant chlamydia from me? Gosh, I'll pay for the super expensive trial study meds!'


At least I won't have to worry about fathering any bastards. Or annoying future lovers with a second testicle to softly work over with their tongue." -- thafuzz

"Bobby is very pushy." -- brokn2pieces

"chucknoblet is a bon vivant whose mom can use sledgehammer." -- gloriapatch

"He says he wants plants, but when you send him the seed, he doesn't put it in the ground. It's apparent all he really wants is your seed." -- jr_red

"Makes me want to visit Ypsi more than my sister." -- the_brad

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